Recent studies have revealed that now more than ever we are all suffering more from work related stress. It is highly likely this week you have felt ‘stressed,’ ‘anxious,’ and or ‘worried,’ whilst being in the work place. Statistics show that 1 in 3 women and 70% of men ages 25-34 are suffering from work related stress.

So ,what can we do about it?? We need to learn to relax! Studies have shown that one relaxing hour per week can significantly reduce stress levels. So put down your smart phones, close your laptop and turn off the TV. Treat yourselves to one hour of relaxation and feel the benefit.

Here at Rejuven8 we aim to provide a relaxing atmosphere from the minute you step through our front door. Relax in our comfortable waiting area, take advantage of our refreshments and relax and unwind during your treatment in our calm and contemporary treatment rooms, whilst turning back the signs of ageing.

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